Protecting Our Environment for Future Generations

Our commitment to a great getaway goes hand in hand with learning about and conserving our beautiful state park. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Alabama’s Gulf State Park, guests have access to 6,150 acres of protected habitat, including nine distinct ecosystems ranging from coastal pine forests to sun-splashed beaches and sand dunes that are home to an array of unique flora and fauna.

We hold a firm belief that it is our responsibility to both celebrate and protect the bountiful biodiversity found here so that future generations may continue to enjoy this special region that preeminent naturalist and Alabama native, E. O. Wilson, called “America’s Amazon.” As such, we are deeply dedicated to the principles and practices of sustainable tourism, based upon the three key pillars of:

  1. Environmentally-friendly operations and facilities
  2. Support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage
  3. Social and economic benefits to local people

Small Footprint, Big Impact

  • Use biodegradable materials in our day to day operations
  • Elimination of all single use plastics on property
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Provide bike share stations throughout the park to reduce carbon emissions

Supporting the Local Ecosystem and Economy

  • Hire staff from the local community
  • As much as possible, our food supplies come from local and regional farmers and fishermen
  • Supporting our local artists’ by displaying their work in our office, restaurant, and in all the cottages

Spreading the Word

  • On-going natural dune restoration and removal of invasive species
  • Maintaining 28 miles of hiking and bicycle trails with educational signage to learn about local ecology and ecosystem restoration
  • Operating a natural history Learning Campus and Interpretive Center based upon sustainable building design and construction
  • Promoting volunteer opportunities, such as the Annual Coastal Cleanup
The Cabins at Gulf State Park